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  • Discovery Flight
    First Step to the Skies: Ideal for beginners, our Discovery Flight introduces you to the aircraft and the skies above Michigan. Feel what it’s like to control an airplane.
  • Private Pilot Training
    Your Path to the Skies: Learn to fly single-engine airplanes and enjoy the freedom of carrying passengers and flying to any location. Expand your skills with endorsements for high-performance and complex aircraft.
  • Starting Your Journey
    Start with the necessary training materials and proof of U.S. citizenship or TSA approval. Prior to solo flights, obtain an FAA student pilot certificate and a medical certificate.
  • Checkride Preparations
    Complete a minimum of 40 hours of flight instruction, including 10 hours of solo flying, pass the FAA Private Pilot written exam, and master essential flying skills and knowledge.
  • Ground Instruction
    Covering 36 hours, topics include aircraft systems, aerodynamics, meteorology, Federal Aviation Regulations, and more.
  • Flight Training Milestones
    Experience your first solo flight, solo cross-country flying, and prepare for the FAA check ride.
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