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Welcome Aboard!

Flight School Jackson Professional Pilot Program is the top choice for career-minded pilots. We can help you go from zero flight experience to Commercial Pilot in minimal time, and with maximum proficiency.

The growing demand for professional pilots is expected to continue for at least the next 15 years. Airlines will be competing to hire the most skilled and qualified pilots, and you want to be sure you stand out in a field of applicants. 

Flight School Jackson will help you gain the skills and experience you need to be a top choice for airline recruiters. Instead of training to minimum standards, we train to a high standard of proficiency using a proven curriculum. We teach you more than just how to pass a test. And we do it all at a lower cost than other flight training schools.


Once you earn your Certified Flight Instructor Rating at Flight School Jackson, you will be at the top of the hiring pool to become a full-time flight instructor. You will then build your flight experience while earning money in a fun, friendly environment. Ultimately you need multiple certificates and ratings, leading up to an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. Flight School Jackson can help you achieve each step along the way.

Private Pilot Certificate

Your primary (first) pilot license. It allows you to fly an airplane by yourself in visual flight conditions with passengers.

Instrument Rating

This next step in the process allows you to fly in the clouds instead of around the clouds.

Commercial Pilot Certificate

A Commercial Pilot allows you to charge money for services.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Teach others to fly while getting paid and building flight time.

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Rating (CFII)

Teach instrument flying skills to other pilots.

Upon completion of the above certificates, you are eligible for hire by Flight School Jackson as a Flight Instructor. Enjoy the benefits of  well-maintained airplanes, working alongside experienced mentor-instructors, and a steady stream of students.


Additional Ratings

Earn the following add-on ratings at the same time you are working as a flight instructor.


  • Multi-Engine Rating – Fly airplanes with more than one engine.

  • Multi-Engine Instructor Rating (MEI) – Teach in airplanes with more than one engine.

Flight School Jackson has designed this course to afford you with a foundation of knowledge and experience essential to employ sound judgment, make good decisions and at the conclusion of your study impart this wisdom to future pilot applicants.​

The hours of instruction have been designed to meet or exceed the minimum time requirements required by the Federal Aviation Administration. It’s important to note that good study habits, personal discipline and aptitude are all necessary ingredients for the successful completion of all programs and courses offered by Flight School Jackson. To help organize and maximize your study FSJ employs Sporty's educational materials as its core of study and is required by students enrolled in the course. You will be exposed to additional support materials to further enhance your understanding of all training subject matter.

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