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Introductory Flight



An Introductory Flight is the first step into the exciting world of aviation. Whether you’re just curious about what it’s like to fly a small airplane, or have the goal of a lifelong aviation career…An Introductory Flight at Flight School Jackson will introduce you to all the thrills aviation has to offer.

This is for the person who is reasonably certain he or she wants to pursue flight training, but just wants to be sure before committing too much time, money, or effort.

What to Expect

Your journey begins as you join one of our certificated flight instructors spending a little time on the ground discussing the basics of flying and then you will head off on your flying adventure.

After an aircraft preflight inspection, you’ll take the pilot’s seat in one of our aircraft.  With you at the controls, your instructor will provide assistance as you experience the thrill of takeoff.


For the next 60 minutes the airplane is in your hands . . . your instructor will first demonstrate and then observe you perform basic flying maneuvers while you enjoy the marvelous view. Your intro flight could be the first step to becoming a Private Pilot; it may be the realization of your lifelong dream.

$150.00   Introductory Flight Includes:

  • 1 hour flying an airplane

  • ½ hour flying a simulator

  • One-on-one questions with school director

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