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Ground School

Passing the FAA Knowledge Test is Easy with FSJ: Are you one of the many that are trying to pass the test on your own? How is that going? Many of our students have said:


“I wish I would have taken your ground school class or one-on-one instruction from the start!”


Stop torturing yourself and call us to dedicate a weekend to just get it done. Our classroom programs have been designed for you.


Let our Instructors prepare you with our specialized texts and explanation of the material so you can – triumphantly and confidently – put the exam behind you. Don’t get nervous! The FAA knowledge test consists of multiple choice questions and is taken on a computer. It’s a very straight forward exam—if you study, then you will do just fine.

Experience Our Weekend Classroom Method

  • Classes are large enough to allow for pilot camaraderie, yet small enough to allow for the personal attention needed to complete the course.

  • Classes held monthly at Flight School of Jackson.

  • Classes are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 8am-5pm. (We will break 1 hour for lunch)

  • Prepare for the written test.


We offer the following knowledge classes and dates:


Private Pilot​​​​

  • November 3-5

  • December 1-3

  • January 5-7

  • February 2-4

  • March 1-3

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