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Get it done already: Over 60% of the students who enroll at Flight School Jackson have started their training elsewhere and for whatever reason were not able to finish. You’re not alone. Call about our evaluation Flight Lesson! Many students from other flight schools have already spent a substantial amount of cash and in some cases had over 50 to 70 hours already in their log books with nothing to show for it other than frustration. FSJ has the solution!


Finish-up Steps:

Step 1 - Swallow Your Pride - It’s really not important at this point why you haven’t “got it done” only that you know it’s time” to get it done.”

Step 2 - Evaluation Flight Lesson (Don’t get stressed) – we’ve all been there! This flight and ground session is to see “where you’re at” in your training and only takes about an hour. Afterwards we’ll map out a plan to get you done and get you flying.

Step 3 - Start Training - Remember, we don’t do anything else but provide expert flight training at Flight School Jackson. We will work with you to create a training program that works with your busy schedule and to ensure that you’re having fun.


Call us today at 517-962-2300 or contact us

to learn more about how to complete the training you started elsewhere.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to just get it done already?

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