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You’re not just a number, and it shows with Stratus. We look beyond the typical FICO scores and look at you as a whole aviator. We want to set you up for success before you even apply with us!


We offer exceptional lending packages, including:

      -- The best rate you’ll get anywhere to go from zero to hero!

      -- Full financing for your entire flight training and more

      -- Affordable payment options, including deferment for 12 months while you complete your training AND find a job.

      -- Pay your loan off any time you want with no consequences or penalties whatsoever.

Stratus Has You Covered For Resources For Your Aviation Career

      -- Counseling with our team of flight instructors and ground instructors to support you through flight training, check rides           and interviews with airlines.

      -- Resume reviewing, editing, and building

      -- AMA Phone Calls with Pilots in the 121 and 135 Industry – What It’s like, How They Got Their Job, etc.

We look forward to helping you achieving your aviation dreams and seeing you in the sky!



Call us toady at 517-962-2300 or contact us.

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