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Simulator Training

one-g Simulation

Situationa Awareness

-Features terrain, traffic, and a detailed declutter feature that includes navigational and airspace fixes.

-Sessions can be placed in any airspace and maintain situational awareness with tools such as bearing and distance measurement, recorded track, and relationship to instrument approach corridors.

Control & System Failures

-Rapid and precise prepositioning for both airborne and airport-based aircraft.

-Avionics and electrical failures to icing or instrument malfunctions, Instructors can create failures on virtually any model-specific instrument.

-Failures can be scheduled to be at a specific time, airspeed, altitude, or at random.



-Refined control over multiple cloud and wind layers, and also includes precise control over cloud bases and tops.

-Dynamic ice control allows for control of ice accretion on the wind screen, propeller, air Fram, and induction system, among others.

-High resolution wind shear and turbulence allows for precise control over the aircraft.


-Allows students and instructors to spend more time on what matters most - learning.

-It's a problem solver - an FAA approved flight simulator presents solutions by facilitating a maximum transfer of learning to the actual aircraft.

-Each training session delivers something new - Each training session can be different. Allowing students to be constantly learning.


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one-G simulation is a company in Seattle, founded by a flight instructor who wanted a better way to train students on the ground with model-specific simulators. Modeled after the Cessna 172 aircraft, the one-G Foundation is an FAA approved advanced aviation training device (AATD) that works with the 1G-IOS, a sophisticated instructor operating station that allows instructs to create dynamic training sessions and track student progress. With one-G technology, students have the opportunity to practice scenarios that would be impossible to prepare for in the air. It's affordable, accessible, and exclusive - our facility is one of only a handful in the nation to have this equipment through the one-G Access program.


You can't go wrong. Contact us by calling, 517-962-2300 or complete our pre-application questionnaire to learn more.

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