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To train pilots and equip them with superior skill sets and safety knowledge.


To support pilots through aviation education with the commitment to provide the best quality training.  

Flight School Jackson is dedicated to ensuring our students build the confidence, skill sets and knowledge required to be fully-competent and safe pilots. We also believe that flying is for everyone and pledge to ensure that anyone who dreams of flying, one day earns their wings. 


Core Values

  • Quality – The quality of education and experience you receive is the foundation that will last your entire career.

  • Excellence – Provide educational excellence by retaining the top-rated instructors, the continuous improvement of training materials and best-in-class technology. 

  • Integrity – We value our students individually. At Flight School of Jackson you are not just a number, we give you one-on-one attention to ensure your success.

  • Initiative – We provide an environment for our students to thrive in, through personalized instruction and 24/7 instructor/aircraft availability. Our proactive approach ensures your success not only during your training, but also throughout the rest of your aviation career.

  • Experience – Our experience is your advantage.



  • Flight School Jackson is your flight training team and our instructors are always available whenever your schedule permits. This means you will have no scheduling difficulties with instructors or aircraft availability.

  • Instructors are standardized to teach the same way, a method that has been proven successful for over 80 years.

  • Your curriculum is planned out from start to finish; you know what to expect and learn each day.

  • Our use of ground instruction and flight simulator remains a key element in your success for understanding maneuvers, concepts, and practicing general flying skills.


Our instructors are professional pilots with proven track records as exceptional teachers as well. Expect the highest level of professionalism, attention to safety, and service.

Great Service

We know that time, geography, and finances can be a challenge. We've come up with unique programs to meet your needs, and commit to working with you to make your aviation goals a reality. You can expect the best in customer service at all times.


By adhering to and exceeding industry best practices, paying attention to detail and committing ourselves to ongoing education and self-evaluation, we will maintain excellence to best serve all members of our community.

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